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      GRENO dedicates to a service center combined pre-sales ,in-sales with

      post-sales altogetherproviding "one-stop service." Greno company has set up 

      a highly customer-focused strong support team consisted of many professional staffs ,

      as a customer-=facing window, customer service center always placed customer’satisfacation 

      as the top priorityoffering high quality and efficient service to customers with their expertise

      and enthusiasm every day.

      Customer care centre

      Our Business Hours is:

      Monday to Friday 8:15-18:00

      Saturday 9:00-17:00

      Product technical support
      To provide grid Reynolds full range of products, including technical support, product selection and replacement, fault handling, simple application problems and installation problems, and provides the common technical problems for customers (FAQ) solution.

      Orders and business support
      Provide order processing support for Greno signed with customers, and to all customers to provide consulting for logistics and business information, including price, delivery, inventory, invoice query processing, and return, and provide e-commerce support.

      Pre-sales and after-sales service
      Professional and technical team in China 20 cities will be the timely provision of 7 x 24 hours service, trained and experienced senior industry experts will provide on-site service service processing program of the most professional, the most efficient implementation for you.

      The complaints and suggestions
      Always pay attention to customer complaints, ad hoc professional team to handle customer complaints, the whole record tracking complaint handling process, to ensure that every customer complaints have been completely resolved.



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